Inspired by the lifestyle of the free-spirited SoCal girls, Envya® was designed to fit perfectly into a laid-back beach lifestyle. The fusion of playful yet edgy silhouettes creates an effortless balance of bold and contemporary sophistication, most importantly, flatters the female figure.

Combining our passion with over 20 years’ industry experience and manufacturing techniques, we recognize that every woman's body is different, thus, we have made the entire range collection to empowering woman to truly showcase her confidence.


It started with a women’s line collection in 2009, not only we desire to create fashion pieces for women, but for the little ones as well, so we continue to spread positivity, creativity and above all, fun to the children market.

We come up with a collection for kids as a mini reflection, from size 2 to 12, with clean lines and practical details. We highlight children natural beauty using eye-catching colors and cute prints, focus on well-made, fit well, and safe fabric and material.

Splashing in the water will be extra fun with our different range of girl’s swim collection.

The customer is at the heart of our every creation. From design, production and distribution, we constantly strive to fine balance between chic and achievable fashion. Our collection is available across boutiques and top retailers within US and internationally.